*Fiberglass Exterior Entry Door
*Actual unit size: 61-1/2" x 81"; 73 1/2" x 81";
*Fits rough opening62" x 82/"; 74" x 82"
*Pre-finished mahogany wood grain fiberglass door
*Fiberglass - 100% won't dent, rot or rust!
*Prehung in 5 1/4"jambs with casing and molding
*Includes frame, hinges, weatherstripping, sweep, and threshold
*Insulated triple glazed tempered low e glass with argon gas
*Double-bored with 2-3/8" backset, lockset not included
*Available left or right hand inswing
*Durable factory finish options: mahogany, dark walnut, white and medium walnut (**Call first to check if available)
*Call us first for the best deal.

Fiberglass Double Door

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